Not Yet Released
0000430: [Bugs] Placing embelishments on top of each other soft-locks game (fek)
0000437: [Bugs] Cannot edit key bindings (fek)
0000432: [Bugs] Clients clip through rack when penetrated (fek)
0000450: [Bugs] All client racks go straight to the floor when penetration occurs. (fek)
0000469: [Bugs] Table anal penetration broken (fek)
0000462: [Bugs] Attempting anal on a table breaks your character and traps you in that interaction. (fek)
0000477: [Bugs] Outdated / deprecated fetishes and preferences are still displayed in menu, causing translation errors (fek)
0000465: [Bugs] Choices for sub-interactions are labeled as "Interaction_" (fek)
0000427: [Bugs] Small Specimen Container Cannot Be Placed (fek)
0000435: [Bugs] Inability to place specimen cooler (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000291: [Bugs] Decals not drawn for test subjects, but are for researcher (fek)
0000308: [Bugs] Player textures loading incorrectly in shower and research. (fek)
0000391: [Bugs] Leaving shower while charactor is cumming will cause infinite orgasm. (fek)
0000271: [Bugs] Crash, possible memory leak (fek)
0000293: [Bugs] Decals rotate as they move over the body (fek)
0000342: [Bugs] Can't place decal on character (fek)
0000354: [Bugs] Extreme GPU usage, bugged physics. (fek)
0000371: [Bugs] Memory Leak is back again (fek)
0000394: [Bugs] Memory Leak (fek)
0000397: [Bugs] Extremely high CPU usage, lagging response to mouse inputs, repeated reset of mouse cursor (fek)
0000337: [Bugs] Sex toys appear over-inflated (fek)
0000349: [Bugs] Belly physics jitters and stretches wildly (fek)
0000358: [Bugs] Recently installed, body went placeholder (pink), when exiting game the character screen replaces main menu 0.2.4 (fek)
0000361: [Bugs] Game reverts to customise character menu when trying to leave game (fek)
0000363: [Bugs] Returning to Main Menu from game results in Genitals section from Advanced Character Creation replacing normal UI. (fek)
0000372: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is broken on rackchair (fek)
0000373: [Bugs] balls can become stiff during an interaction (fek)
0000375: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is completely broken on rack table (fek)
0000376: [Bugs] Blowjob animation is completely broken on rack stocks. (fek)
0000382: [Bugs] The clothes of the player character swell up like a inflatable fursuit. (fek)
0000395: [Bugs] Character model stretches and jitters when performing oral interactions in latest update (fek)
0000405: [Bugs] Several animations have broken for no apparent reason (fek)
0000409: [Bugs] balls randomly 'flailing' around when they are too large and/or too low (fek)
0000384: [Bugs] Crash on research (fek)
0000347: [Bugs] Game performance suffers when creating multiple characters (fek)
0000404: [Bugs] Characters are purple (fek)
0000392: [Bugs] no character textures, my character is pink (fek)
0000400: [Bugs] character has no textures and is pink. (fek)
0000360: [Bugs] Everyone Is pink. Recent install (fek)
0000366: [Bugs] Forget to remove texture debug overlay (fek)
0000364: [Bugs] When Loading Up The Character Skin Goes Pink and no textures until putting the bottom camera down. (fek)
0000362: [Bugs] Magenta body disappears leaving only fur behind (fek)
0000285: [Bugs] Player character falls through floor (fek)
0000223: [Bugs] Excessive memory usage, seems still RAM leakage (fek)
0000260: [Bugs] Balls sometimes get stuck sideways when entering/exiting an interaction (fek)
0000095: [Bugs] Minimum threshhold for penis movement during fucking is low on long dicks (fek)
0000323: [Bugs] Character teleports into Specimen Research chamber (fek)
0000299: [Bugs] Everything goes invisible except for the skybox (fek)
0000413: [Bugs] The game crashes when larger body types bump into the door of the reception, first on the left side up the stairs. (fek)
0000417: [Bugs] Multiple save files created (fek)
0000402: [Bugs] Game essentially crashes when I exit it (fek)
0000416: [Bugs] Game crashes after the window has lost focus (fek)
0000406: [Bugs] I can't quit the game (fek)
0000423: [Bugs] image for empty inventory slot covers entire screen when clicking an empty inventory slot (fek)
0000410: [Bugs] balls randomly 'flailing' around when they are too large and/or too low (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000194: [Bugs] Hairstyles don't load in RackNet viewer (fek)
0000250: [Bugs] Important Asset Missing, Missing Translations (fek)
0000269: [Bugs] Unable to play Linux build (fek)
0000296: [Bugs] "IMPORTANT_ASSET_MISSING" on game launch, file never rebuilds, can't access gameplay (fek)
0000332: [Bugs] TextureLayerUI opacity slider doesn't init (fek)
0000331: [Bugs] Tail properties don't build correctly on the first load; rebuild required (fek)
0000330: [Bugs] Two screenshots are captured on a single key press (fek)
0000329: [Bugs] Character bites down during SECOND blowjob interaction (fek)
0000328: [Bugs] Hip roll on table facefuck (fek)
0000318: [Bugs] RackNet previews load but then zoom way out (fek)
0000315: [Bugs] Cunnilingus reciving setting avaible for character without a pussy (V2.2) (fek)
0000313: [Bugs] Pussy selction of female characters don't stimulate anymore in V2.2 (Vaginal giving) (fek)
0000327: [Bugs] Penis length polls incorrectly after first insertion, causes unusual behavior (fek)
0000226: [Bugs] Female player sex organs do not fill climax bar on hands free automatic. (fek)
0000283: [Bugs] a creepy but hilarious bug (fek)
0000245: [Bugs] Flat chests have holes in them (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000305: [Bugs] Realtime monitors do not properly detect which is closest during interaction (fek)
0000304: [Bugs] Penetrator burial threshold doesn't line up properly with post-IK position (fek)
0000303: [Bugs] Ears scale unpredictably at low character heights (fek)
0000302: [Bugs] Framerate spike causes painful interaction (fek)
0000183: [Bugs] Dialogue breaks sometimes (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000222: [Bugs] Favorited character file causes game to load a corrupted Screen on start. (fek)
0000234: [Bugs] Game locks on a rainy screen with options to shower on/off. (fek)
0000149: [Bugs] The game gets stuck loading right after running the application. (fek)
0000159: [Bugs] Game is stuck in the Campaign menu. (fek)
0000259: [Bugs] Zooming in during character editing causes you to become stuck in first person (fek)
0000262: [Bugs] Audiosource volume starts high, takes a frame or two to adjust, resulting in loud "pops" (fek)
0000241: [Bugs] Stuck in first Person in creating character (fek)
0000228: [Bugs] Equipping items while having sex in hands-free automatic mode adjusts speed (fek)
0000225: [Bugs] Pattern does not show when applying a mask to it (fek)
0000227: [Bugs] Pleasuring self with hands free automatic in shower locks you out if you exit before stopping (fek)
0000220: [Bugs] The glass effect goes in front of the save slots (fek)
0000221: [Bugs] Alt+Tab switch to other program then switch back the street got upside down (fek)
0000224: [Bugs] Ghost mask is pink (fek)
0000218: [Bugs] Character Textures not Loading (fek)
0000098: [Bugs] Penetrator aimer fails when pushed all the way in / bent penis (fek)
0000242: [Bugs] Able to adjust client anger or intimidation (fek)
0000251: [Bugs] Advance customization change graphs have the dots grow too big. (fek)
0000156: [Bugs] The game still on loading screen all time. With all versions on 0.1.6 and to 0.1.9 (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000177: [Bugs] negative speciment (fek)
0000173: [Bugs] Specimen Processor Glitched v.0.1.9 (fek)
0000158: [Bugs] 1.9 version unporcessed specimen machine bugged (fek)
0000152: [Bugs] Specimen Capacity Overflow (fek)
0000099: [Bugs] Pop-in when transitioning from lab room to pit floor is abysmal (fek)
0000215: [Bugs] If you save your character or upload it to racknet in first person, your head is missing from snapshot (fek)
0000214: [Bugs] Game doesn't wait for character rebuilds when taking save screen "snapshot" (fek)
0000070: [Bugs] Decals are applied to a character "one step late" (fek)
0000138: [Bugs] Once you get into the item menu and click back to get out the screen start blink (fek)
0000123: [Bugs] v1.8 Memory Leak with embellishments (fek)
0000213: [Bugs] Crash / unhandled exception while changing size of existing embellishment (fek)
0000212: [Bugs] Color picker doesn't show nubs when in the first-time character builder (fek)
0000211: [Bugs] Torso disappears when you put pants on a neuter character (fek)
0000210: [Bugs] Belly jitters while character is restrained (fek)
0000209: [Bugs] When you apply a full-body tex and give it a body-only mask, the mask isn't applied at all to the head portion of the tex (fek)
0000208: [Bugs] Camera can clip through ceilings (fek)
0000207: [Bugs] Massive lag spike in inventory screen when you hover over new cell (fek)
0000206: [Bugs] Preference clipboard missing tooltip for "unusual" style preference (fek)
0000110: [Bugs] Game locks up while editing hair appendages (fek)
0000101: [Bugs] Characters float above the ground (fek)
0000125: [Bugs] Adding hair styles with "Tuft" causes glitch (fek)
0000117: [Bugs] Game consumes an ever increasing amount of memory (fek)
0000155: [Bugs] Crashed when changing face shape, now when attempting to open game it is stuck on a loading screen (fek)
0000154: [Bugs] Save data will not stop corrupting (fek)
0000160: [Bugs] Reflections are broken in 0.1.9 (fek)
0000164: [Bugs] Memory leak when creating new characters (fek)
0000163: [Bugs] Game Crash During Character Creation (Rack 0.1.10) (fek)
0000167: [Bugs] Breast interaction. (fek)
0000170: [Bugs] Character Textures and Shaders not Loading (fek)
0000171: [Bugs] Game crashes while loading textures when selecting character for the game (fek)
0000153: [Bugs] Game gets stuck loading when I try to use 2 different hair styles. (fek)
0000175: [Bugs] Unable to change colors of embellishments in v0.1.10 (fek)
0000176: [Bugs] Blank characters on linux (fek)
0000178: [Bugs] Game Crashes on Launch (fek)
0000179: [Bugs] Game Crash (fek)
0000180: [Bugs] 64-bit works but runs extremely slow, and soon crashes the system because it consumes all memory, 32-bit doesn't work (fek)
0000188: [Bugs] What is 'libOni' and why is this FILLING my Player.log file rapidly? (fek)
0000186: [Bugs] Camera frozen to the subject recruitment station after selecting subject. Returning to showers fails (view and culling active) (fek)
0000190: [Bugs] Major Memory Leak issue (fek)
0000195: [Bugs] First launch infinite loading (fek)
0000196: [Bugs] Absurd memory leak, crashes OS (fek)
0000192: [Bugs] Game crash on launch (fek)
0000199: [Bugs] Black screen after saving changes to a new character (fek)
0000166: [Bugs] Brief hangs cause pain to test subjects (fek)
0000203: [Bugs] Game crashes at start (fek)
0000204: [Bugs] Massive framerate drop when male player character orgasms (fek)
0000198: [Bugs] Rack2v0.1.11 (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000168: [Bugs] Breast physics sometimes break hilariously (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000134: [Bugs] Inertia tensor must be greater than zero (fek)
0000121: [Bugs] Game is unable to generate or edit characters, including NPCs (fek)
0000126: [Bugs] the games stays loading after i lower the graphics (fek)
0000137: [Bugs] Game crashes when trying to generate test subjects (fek)
0000131: [Bugs] Req. officer can fly! *broken* (fek)
0000135: [Bugs] Threads continue running after application exit, causing crashes on next start (fek)
0000116: [Bugs] Segfault on exit (fek)
0000124: [Bugs] Game hangs when quitting (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000097: [Bugs] Tail physics are twitchy, especially at near-vertical axes (fek)
0000113: [Bugs] Adjusting clitoris size when playing as hermaphrodite produces giant clitoris (fek)
0000108: [Bugs] Possible to infinitely expand locker item grid (fek)
0000107: [Bugs] Able to equip/unequip items while in locker menu (fek)
0000104: [Bugs] Memory glitch - still in 0.1.7 (fek)
0000102: [Bugs] Can click through embellishment menus onto the character and accidentally place new embellishments. (fek)
0000100: [Bugs] Lab edit allows for specimen cooler stacking. (fek)
0000115: [Bugs] Creating a female character from a species definition causes the pubic bone to invert (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000089: [Bugs] Character model and controls gitch out if lab is edited while sitting (fek)
0000082: [Bugs] Progress in Chemical conversion not saved (fek)
0000076: [Bugs] Music freezes when research grid is quickly filled (fek)
0000094: [Bugs] Decals draw a square to the FX layer (fek)
0000090: [Bugs] Possible to select hotspots from non-current subject (fek)
0000080: [Bugs] Showering with cockring (fek)
0000066: [Bugs] Toy interaction UI stays after client session is ended. (fek)
0000085: [Bugs] Unable to open lab room doors while in editing mode (fek)
0000096: [Bugs] Teleporting to the showers sometimes drops you under the map after teleport (fek)
0000077: [Bugs] Physics unstable / jitter (fek)
0000014: [Bugs] UI and Physics break at very low framerates (fek)
0000093: [Bugs] Tail breaks when length set to zero (fek)
0000069: [Bugs] Pressing "Esc" in Pattern Screen (fek)
0000091: [Bugs] Color picker reticle isn't displayed in character editor (fek)
0000067: [Bugs] Tail seems to become larger overtime - still in 0.1.6 (fek)
0000092: [Bugs] Quickstart clipboard color hexes don't properly relate to their parent, shift on first click (fek)
0000075: [Bugs] Bizarre memory glitch with the showers in 0.1.6 (fek)
0000079: [Bugs] Dildo in hand when self pleasuring (fek)
0000087: [Bugs] Glowing layers shine through non-glowing layers with a higher Z (fek)
0000086: [Bugs] Glowing layers don't work if they are being masked (fek)
0000072: [Bugs] "Glowing" penises only work with sheaths & slits (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000064: [Bugs] Finger target assignment doesn't scale properly (fek)
0000054: [Bugs] Appendages / hair don't change to ghost shader during zoomed-in interactions (fek)
0000052: [Bugs] BondageApparatus initial scaling happens correctly after creation, but needs to also be done after new subject is loaded/rebuilt (fek)
0000057: [Bugs] Game receives onMouseOver events while minimized (fek)
0000063: [Bugs] Using special characters in name breaks save system (fek)
0000059: [Bugs] Vaginal with hermaphrodite causes penis to inflate (fek)
0000061: [Bugs] Character Loading Screen Glitch (fek)
0000060: [Bugs] Menu and character editor open simultaneously (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000038: [Bugs] Tail momentum inverted (fek)
0000051: [Bugs] Fake ambient/GI in rooms is still bound to the debug switch key / M (fek)
0000032: [Bugs] Changing from Textures menu to Embellishments menu with the color picker open doesn't close the picker (fek)
0000026: [Bugs] Character falls into central elevator when jumping onto the elevator pad (fek)
0000024: [Bugs] Shading on manes breaks after exiting the research interface (fek)
0000039: [Bugs] Appendage specularity fixed at 1 (fek)
0000047: [Bugs] Blue interaction map gets plastered over PC texture when exiting interaction (fek)
0000040: [Bugs] Camera locks while interacting with a lab subject and "L" edit button is pressed (fek)
0000033: [Bugs] Foot claws on generated characters disappear when entering embellishment editor (fek)
0000041: [Bugs] Interact with self is slow and can be done at weird opportunities (fek)
0000019: [Bugs] Game Freeze For Canine Character Self Pleasure (fek)
0000044: [Bugs] Tour guide/Requisitions guide stops giving the tour (fek)
0000043: [Bugs] Cum clips through PC's body while riding test subject during orgasm (fek)
0000023: [Bugs] Dripping from anus not working anymore (fek)
0000042: [Bugs] Save screen profile pictures missing (fek)
0000037: [Bugs] Character creation clipboard clipped by BG fader (fek)
0000022: [Bugs] Tour guide/Requisitions Officer disappears into the wall on loading if you don't interact with them the first time (fek)
0000015: [Bugs] Adding two types of hair (e.g. tuft + ponytail) and then editing breaks character editor. (fek)
0000035: [Bugs] Unable to have two different hair styles without the camera glitched, making it unable to move the camera around (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000031: [Bugs] Placing embellishments on the left foot has unpredictable results (fek)
0000028: [Bugs] Elevator glitch, stuck on platform (fek)
0000029: [Bugs] Plantigrade NPCs clip through their pants around the ankles (fek)
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Not Yet Released
0000017: [Bugs] IK bend goals for knees and elbows both behave oddly with extreme size differences (fek)
0000016: [Bugs] After pulling out with a larger phallus, you can't penetrate again. (fek)
0000012: [Bugs] Rack foley ignores volume settings (fek)
0000008: [Bugs] Switching between actions while pleasuring self switches to subject (fek)
0000005: [Bugs] Pressing control Z in character editing creates a black, female shaped body inside of the characters body (fek)
0000002: [Bugs] Changing from "neuter" to "penis" causes a crash (fek)
0000001: [Bugs] Large embellishments are hidden by clothing (fek)
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