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0000484Rack 2[All Projects] Bugspublic2021-11-26 18:39
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Summary0000484: Camera falls into oblivion after setting up test subjects/ while using "pleasure self" in showers
DescriptionWhen using "Pleasure Self" in showers, or once you've selected and set up test subjects in the testing rooms, the camera seems to fall away, clipping out of the world and subsequently going dark. After that, several differently colored blobs show up on screen and grow until one of them takes up the entire screen. When using pleasure self, usually hitting escape brings the camera back to the player character, but when it comes to the moments after selecting test subjects, nothing seems to fix it. Something about these actions seem to be disconnecting the camera from the main character all together.

I have a feeling all of this is due to me having chosen to load this iteration of the game with old save data, but I can't be too sure myself.

I have tried opening the game with different graphical presets, deleting and creating new characters, pressing every button on the keyboard within reason, and completely deleting all of my old save data, running the game from the zipped folder, and unzipping the game fresh. Nothing seems to work.
Steps To ReproduceI suppose have old save data from previous versions of the game, choose "play with old save data" or whatever that initial option is on the first load screen for this current version, go into the free play mode, try "pleasure self" in shower, try loading up a test subject.
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